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Our primary goal is to create value from waste

Industrial designers often contribute to the destructive cycle of disposable products and design obsolescence.  We are different.  At Loop Innovations we focus on designing products and systems for the circular economy.  

We’re a sustainable design consultancy, creating solutions.  We can help your business by researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing products and services that make environmental sense.

A particular focus for us is plastics.  We have ideas on avoiding, reducing, re-using, recycling and 3D-printing plastics. If you have a plastics problem, we may have the answer.  We’re able to help with designing both products and systems.


Made To Order

Bespoke furniture, designed and manufactured for you, using materials and process’ which don’t harm the planet.


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"The Third Industrial Revolution will be powered by the circular economy."

— Jeremy Rifkin

“Technology and innovation have made humans the most wasteful species on the planet. In the 21st century, we must use our ingenuity to turn this around and make progress without waste.”

- Julia Hailes MBE


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