The Founders

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How it Started

“Loop Innovations was founded in July 2018, following our graduations with a First Class Honours in Product Design & Technology, from Loughborough University.  We’re passionate about sustainability and believe that designers have a responsibility to design for the future.  That’s why we’ve set up a company focusing on products and systems in a circular economy.  We believe that this should and will become the industry standard - and we’re going to be at the forefront of this revolution in design.”  Jack Schneider and Connor Bryant 


Why we do it

Our consumer society has an overwhelmingly negative impact on the planet.  More resources are being plundered from the Earth all the time and demand is increasing exponentially.  The destruction of the rainforests, rising tide of plastics, pollution from burning fossil fuels or extinction of animal species are just some of the problems we face as Generation Y.  We’re going to use our skills to come up with solutions and play a part in making a more sustainable future.  See our Blog for more thoughts on some of the key sustainability issues.


Our Ethics

Our designs and innovation will:

  • Put sustainability at the heart of what we do

  • Promote the circular economy wherever possible

  • Propose solutions that make sense